STEM Solution

TOTAL STEM SYSTEM SOLUTION (TSSS) consists of 5 MODULES below to “prepare students better for STEM Careers and College”

With 80% Matching Grant from NEF and SUNY, you pay 20%, that is, $195 per module listed below or $490 for the 3 Core modules or $590 for all 5 Modules:

Funding Sources for the 20%:

FEDERAL: Title I, Title III,  STEM, IDEA, SSAE, 21st Century Learning Center etc.


LOCAL:  School Foundation, Community Foundation, Employer CSR, Employer Training by SUNY, etc.

OTHER: Matching grants, Foundation Grants, Corporate Grants, Fundraisers etc.


1. ACADEMICS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Test Prep, Business, IT, Desktop, CTE etc.)– proven (State University of New York- SUNY evaluation) to advance students one grade level in 25-35 learning hours by using top-rated individualized learning mapped to your state standards, student incentives, teacher stipends, parent incentives, mentoring, teacher professional development, SUNY certificates and credits, and weekly evaluations by SUNY.


  • Students advanced ONE GRADE LEVEL in Math & ELA in just six months at Somerton SD, AZ (100% F/R meals, 90% bilingual students).
  • Students in Steubenville SD, OH went from the bottom 50% to the top 10% in Ohio state test scores, besides getting very engaged in STEM.

2. HANDS-ON – Student teams use Robots and Robotic programs mapped to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) to prepare for specific STEM careers such as computer science.

3. CAREER PREP (CTE)– 6-12 Grade Students can take top-rated courses ( 200 courses) to prepare them for specific CTE certifications, credits and careers in 4 specific areas: IT, Business, Health Science, and Engineering. Specific Certification tracks include:


4. APPLICATION- STEM Design/E-Sports Contest by SUNYUsing Minecraft/CAD Design Software, student teams learn coding & programming, and apply STEM and 21st century skills (critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, relationship) to design smart house (K-5 grades), smart town (grades 6-8) and smart city (grades 9-12). Or participate in E-Sports contest by SUNY. Winners receive awards at school, district, state and national levels.

5. JOB PREP— Students, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Community Members, Local Corporate/Government Employees can take any of 5,000 IT, 1000 Office and 600 Business high-quality online Courses (24/7), many with mentoring and video tutorials for over 100+ industry certifications! See for the list of courses.