STEM Solution

TOTAL STEM SYSTEM SOLUTION (TSSS) consists of 4 MODULES to “prepare students better for STEM Careers and college” 

1. ACADEMICS– proven (State University of New York- SUNY evaluation) to advance students one grade level in 25-35 learning hours by using top-rated individualized learning mapped to your state standards, student incentives, teacher stipends, parent incentives, mentoring, teacher professional development, SUNY certificates and credits, and weekly evaluations by SUNY.


  • Students advanced ONE GRADE LEVEL in Math & ELA in just six months at Somerton SD, AZ (100% F/R meals, 90% bilingual students).
  • Students in Steubenville SD, OH went from the bottom 50% to the top 10% in Ohio state test scores, besides getting very engaged in STEM.
2. APPLICATION– Using Minecraft/CAD Design Software, student teams learn coding & programming, and apply STEM and 21st century skills (critical thinking, problem solving, communication, teamwork, relationship) to design smart house (K-5 grades), smart town (grades 6-8) and smart city (grades 9-12). Winners receive awards at school, district, state and national levels.
3. HANDS-ON: Student teams use robotic programs mapped to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) to prepare for specific STEM careers such as computer science 
4. CAREER PREP– High School Students can take courses to prepare them for specific STEM careers in CyberSecurity (CS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet Of Things (IOT), Data Science (DS), Cloud Computing (CC), Computer Science, Project Management (PM), Critical Thinking (CT), Problem Solving (PS), Communication & Marketing (CM), Teamwork & Relationship (TR) and Entrepreneurship — Students can earn 3 credits and certificates from SUNY for each of the 10 courses listed above.
Successful completion of two of the first 6 IT courses (Computer Science course is mandatory), and two of the second 6 Soft skills course (Communication course is mandatory), along with successful participation in Robotics mapped to NGSS standards, and/or STEM Design Contest by SUNY, will help a high school graduate to walk into a good STEM job or be better prepared to pursue STEM areas in college.